Forex Trading Education Video Course

GLS Equity's Forex Basics course

In this Forex trading education video course we aim to cover all the important core elements you need to know to help you succeed in trading this market.

For example: Having trouble understanding how the FOREX / Currency pairs work? – Check video #7 FOREX Pairs Explained!

The videos in this course do not go into specific trading strategies. It is purely educational.

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GLS Equity FOREX Trading Education

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Hello and welcome to GLS Equity – FOREX Basics
Understanding the FOREX Markets!

FOREX simply means Foreign Currency Exchange
FX, FOREX, Foreign Exchange…
Today it is very easy to speculate in Forex, but it was not always like this.
Back in 2016 the Forex market had 5 Trillion USD in average daily turnover!
International Trade, Interest Rates, Government Policy, Hedge Funds ect.
The Interbank Market is at the top of the food chain, they are the top tier player in Forex.
In FOREX you are simultaneously selling one currency and buying another.

In the FOREX markets we trade specific amounts called Lots, mini lots and micro lots.
FOREX Swap / Interest can also generate you an additional income or loss…
Why do people say trading FX on Leverage is like a double-edged sword?
For us the FOREX market is open 24 hours a day, five days a week.
Like banks, car salesmen and cheese, not all brokers are the same…
We would strongly suggest you to trade with a regulated broker whenever possible.
There is a LOT of confusion around ECN's, here is the basics of how an ECN broker works.
Congratulations on completing GLS Equity – Understanding the FOREX Markets!

Check back soon as will have lots more training coming. Trading education on psychology, statistics and trading discipline.

We will also have a course here on MT4 programming. But in the mean time if you need some programming done check out FastMT4Coding. These guys can help with all your MT4 Indicators and Expert Advisor requirements.



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