What is a Forex Trading VPS

Ever wondered what is a Forex trading VPS and why professional forex traders use them? Read on to find out!

This blog has been broken up into the 6 main questions we get asked in regards to forex trading VPS's.

1. What does VPS mean?
VPS is an acronym for Virtual Private Server. And although that may still sound foreign and confusing to a lot of people, using and setting up a forex trading VPS is really very simple as you are about to find out.

When you get / order a VPS you are getting a small fully functioning user secure section off of a larger dedicated server (big computer, generally located in a data center with lots of other servers).

GLS Equity FOREX Trading VPS or Virtual Private Server

So 1 server can have a few VPS's or even hundreds of VPS, all depending on the size of the server and the sizes of the VPS's that are divided off of the main server.

Like basic home computers VPS's come in all different shapes and sizes for the many different people and applications that they can be used for.

Here are some of the main options that are readily available:

  • Operating System; Windows / Linux
  • CPU (Computer Processing Units)
  • RAM (Random Access Memory) types and size
  • Storage types and size
  • Bandwidth (how much traffic coming in and out of your VPS)
  • Separate IP addresses
  • Self or fully Managed (do you want to maintain and update it?)
  • Server Location, do you want your VPS in Gore NZ or maybe it would be better in New York USA?

But after all of that a VPS is simply just another computer at a different location that you have access to.

2. What is the advantage of using a Forex Trading VPS?

VPS's are Reliable. Well as long as you get a good one it will be. The VPS's that we use and recommend guarantee a 99.9% Uptime. They are designed to run 24/7 without crashing, overheating or freezing.

They are fast. Because they are not used for streaming Netflix, downloading emails or googling random stuff about covid-19 or bitcoin. And they are not running heavy from all the addons and apps the average computer needs to run all the programs the everyday user needs these days, they are a lot lighter and therefore run faster!

VPS's offer low Latency. Not only is their processing power fast, but you would also select one that is near your trading broker server, so the latency for order execution is lightning fast.

3. Do I need a Forex Trading VPS?

It depends, if you are trading in a live account with automated forex trading robots, then I would say yes you do. You only need to miss a few trades here and there for the VPS to easily pay for its self.

4. Is a Forex Trading VPS hard to use?
Nope, if you can do basic tasks on your home computer, then you will be fine.

There are a few steps to follow to get your VPS setup correctly, but once you have done this it will be very easy to use.

And you can use and view your FX vps from your tablet, PC or mobile phone!

GLS Equity Forex Trading VPS Used From Any Device
5. How much does a Forex Trading VPS cost?

Normally around $15 per month, but can vary depending on the quality, location and size of the VPS. For the average forex trader you should be spending around $15 per month. In some situations we have larger setups where we are running multiple MT4 platforms parallel on the same vps. In these cases we do need larger VPS's that can cost up around $100/month.

6. How do I Order, Setup, and access my Forex Trading VPS?

Order your new Forex trading VPS here.

For instructions on how to order, setup and access your Forex trading VPS please view the video below.


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